A Planet is a celestial-body that (at least for the purpose of fiction) usually harbors life or has the potential to do so - a Planet often has one or more Moons and tend to be larger than the similar Planetoids: a Planet also tends to orbit one or more Stars.

List of Populated Planets

(these planets contain populations of sentient life-forms, they can range from massive Hive-Worlds with billions of inhabitants to very small colony worlds with less than a dozen : as long as the planet sustains some type of life it can be classed as Populated)

List of Desolate Planets

(planets that once harbored life, or had the potential to do so, but have since been destroyed or rendered barren)

List of Artificial Planets

(planets that have been created via magic or technology rather than nature)

List of Uninhabited Planets

(planets that do not support sentient life)