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Often considered one of the first modern superheroes Superman has become an icon of sorts not only to his parent company, DC, but to the genre of superheroes in general - many characters in fiction have been inspired by Superman and indeed the name "Superman" has become associated with feats of great strength and courage.

Superman is one of the most recognisable heroes of all time with his trademark cape and "S" symbol and despite his often godlike power he is also usually portrayed as one of the most morally absolute heroes of any franchise, though Superman himself has stated on numerous occassions that this restraint is necessary - after all when you are a man strong enough to move entire worlds you have little to stop you save for your own strength of will.

Of course Superman is also known for his specific bane, the substance known as Kryptonite and much like Superman this substance has been coined in popular speech as a particularly powerful weakness in the same vein as the expression "Achille's Heel".

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